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Ash Wednesday | Charter Celebration | Covenant Family


FEBRUARY 18: Dinner @ 6PM | Worship @ 6:45PM
Vanderwater Home: 3645 Bellefontaine St. 77025

All over the world, followers of Jesus will gather together to have ashes placed on their heads as we enter in the season of the Church called Lent. During Lent we prepare our hearts for the great celebration in the year: EASTER. Many followers of Jesus will prepare by fasting and sacrificial giving starting this Wednesday. Beginning a new discipline is also good during Lent. Want an idea for Lent? Here is one you could consider following:
Week One: FAST (Choose to be hungry. Eat way less than you normally do)
Week Two: SACRIFICIALLY GIVE (look at your budget and don't spend on items you normally would, and then give that all to the church)
Week Three: ABSTINENCE (practice abstinence with your spouse, instead of sex, pray and read the Word together)
Week Four: SERVE (sacrificially serve by doing things for others even when it takes time from your regular schedule)
Week Five: ABIDE (take time away from other activities like tv, sport activities, practices, going out with your friends, etc and instead, spend time in the WORD OF GOD.
Week Six: ALL (practice all of those disciplines as you enter Holy week)

This Sunday we become a congregation of the LCMS

We will be officially recognized during our gathered worship. At 5pm, during MC, we will gather to eat and celebrate. Everyone is welcome to come and give thanks to God that he has brought us this far!


You are never too late to join the process of becoming covenant family at Oikos. It's not about information, it's about coming close to God through rediscovering what "family" looks like in the Kingdom of God.

What has happened so far? We gather as family, and in the first few weeks we worked on learning to listen for God's voice in our lives and how we respond when we hear the Spirit of God speak to us. We have also looked at the Lord's Prayer and have been challenged to pray more with each other.

If you want this in your life as well, you are invited to join us, as we listen to God's voice, learn His Word, love one another, break bread together and rediscover what life with Jesus looks like as families on mission together.

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