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We Are Family by Pastor Aaron

signing of covenant slide

We Are Family

By Aaron Lytle, Lead Pastor

I’m excited about an upcoming event in the life of our family with the signing of the covenant. As we try to follow Jesus in His ways, words and works, my prayer is that we will grow together as a family in grace, truth and love. Below, I have answered a couple questions that will help as you prayerfully consider what the Lord is saying to you.

What is the Covenant Family?
The Covenant Family is made up of individuals who have made a covenant with one another and with God. A covenant is simply a promise of a relationship, made first by God and maintained by Him. With this relationship comes representation. When an individual makes this promise to God and to the Covenant Family of Oikos Church, s/he will be eligible to vote in family gatherings, be nominated to be on the board, asked to serve as an elder, lead a Missional Community (MC) and/or Huddle.

At Oikos, you don’t have to be in the Covenant Family to participate with the life of our family. This covenant is not connected to your salvation in Jesus, it is your promise on how you will follow Jesus this year with Oikos Church. You may hear the Lord calling you later this year to make this promise to Oikos Church. Can you still sign, even if it’s later in the year? Yes, you can.

What if I am not ready to sign the covenant, yet?
Guests of the Family
As with any family we have guests. A guest comes and is involved according to his/her personal preference. We want to honor our guests and welcome each guest into the family of God and great relationship. Everyone is important to God, whether you have signed the covenant or not. There is no pressure to be more committed than you hear the Lord calling you to be.

Committed Family
Family also includes those who are committed, but not ready to make a promise. S/he will be at most of the gatherings, help support some of the family efforts and enjoy living life with the family. S/he may be involved but not yet leading a MC, Huddle or other events, including Covenant Family gatherings and the Covenant Family MC.