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Weekend Service Canceled due to #Harvey

We are praying for the safety of our Oikos family, for those the family knows and for all of those who are in the storm's path. Lord, please fill us with your peace and allow us to not look out for our own selves before we look around for others who may need help. Help us to encourage each other and remind each other of the hope we have in you. Give discernment to those who are in leadership across our nation, state and city that they would do their best with the resources they control. Ultimately, our lives and well being are in the best hands possible, yours, our Lord and protector who will not fail us in our time of need.

We are canceling worship at Lindale on Sunday, but remember, worship doesn't need a building, pastor or music to happen. Pray for one another, read His Word and sing as you are lead. He honors our hearts not the quality we can muster up on our own.

Sara, the family and I, love you all very much. We will look forward to hearing your God stories as we gather together again soon.